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Let us be your partner

Borring Plast A-S offers you partnership for your entire project. Bring us on board when you start shaping your ideas, and let our experience within materials, tools, production, assembly and logistics contribute to the optimal solution.

It is rarely an unambigous choice whether to choose Denmark or China for the task to be done. Complexity, wage labor, transport costs etc. all count when considering one or the other.

With us you will always relate to Borring Plast in Denmark, and in close cooperation, we will make sure that your products will be produced in the optimal way, wheter in Denmark or China.

Since it is our own factory in China, we have complete control with the entire process. This means we control quality and delivery times.

Get in touch with us for a dialogue, where we together can focus on your task. We are looking forward to telling you, what Borring Plast offers, and how we benefit from the best of two worlds.

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